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We believe that in this era of unprecedented possibilities, we need to look at work in a completely different way. We have got so many options and yet 40% of the population is fed up with their career. Something just isn’t right.


The Passion Profile is a modern, unconventional and assessment-free method that helps professionals with career doubts to rediscover who they are and what’s their passion & purpose so that they can start earning their income in a better way.


A 3 month individual 1-on-1 program guided by a certified Impact Coach who will guide you to the core of who you truly are, clarity about your talents and skills, a super-specific passion/career direction, an action plan AND an inner sense of peace and confidence.

You’re well educated, got that career you wanted, but you’re just not happy?

Perhaps you have been doubting for months or even years whether you are in the right place jobwise. Or maybe you are simply curious about what else is out there for you.

The Passion Profile might be for you.

Based on over 10 years of experience in career coaching, psychology, and personal development, The Passion Profile has already helped over 1000 people gain clarity about who they really are, stand in their own power, discover their true passion and career direction, and actually make a change.

Regardless of whether you see your future as an employee or entrepreneur, it all begins with a crystal-clear answer to the question: WHAT?


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the passion profile