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We live in an era where everything seems possible and where, unlike just a few years ago, we can earn our income in countless ways. The values about work that we inherited from our parents and previous generations no longer seem to work for us.

“Work hard”, “work doesn’t have to be fun”, “save for later”.

These are ideas that originate from the industrial revolution and have also brought our society to where we are now.

However, they no longer work. The world is undergoing enormous change.

Research shows that in many countries, over 40% of the population is not satisfied with their job. More and more people burn out and don’t know how to change.

Especially those in their mid-thirties to fifties often find it challenging.

At that age, you have advanced in your career, but for many of us that career choice we made a long time ago wasn’t a very conscious decision.

This type of job market just can’t last, and we’re seeing more people than ever asking themselves: What do I truly want in my life and career?

That’s why there’s such a big need for up-to-date, effective career guidance that matches the world we live in today.

The Passion Profile is ideal for this time when we’re growing more mindful, focusing more on self-growth, and wanting to live life from our hearts, not just our minds.

Do you want to make a difference and help others find their own path and passion?

Then training to become a certified Impact Coach could be a perfect fit for you.

the passion profile

What is an Impact Coach?

As an independent Impact Coach, you use The Passion Profile method to help people who are stuck in a job that doesn’t make them happy or fulfilled. You guide them to understand themselves better, discover their passion, talents, and how they can make a unique difference in the world. You also help them make a plan to make these things happen. Of course, you are free to add your own existing expertise when coaching clients as well.

Once you’ve successfully finished the training, you’ll be certified and can start helping people on your own. You won’t be working for The Passion Profile, but for yourself in your own coaching business.

You’ll also be part of our close-knit community of Impact Coaches who always help each other out. You’ll get yearly training updates and all the knowledge and tools you need to make your coaching business successful.

For whom?

To get accepted into the Impact Coach certification training, you should have finished a coaching-focused education or have some background in psychology, NLP, ACT, systemic work, or something similar.

We need you to already know how to talk to people in a coaching setting and to have some tools for guiding people through transformations.

If you’ve worked as a coach before, that’s great, but it’s not a requirement.

Bas passieprofiel


The upcoming training course kicks off October 25th (20:00 CET) and includes 7 online meetings, each lasting 2 hours. After this, every quarter there will be Q&A sessions and group brainstorming with all the Impact Coaches. We only have 20 spots available.

Business Accelerator

We also offer an optional business accelerator program that helps you set up and grow your coaching business step by step. It’s designed to help you create a professional business that pulls in the right customers for you.

Together, we’ll work on things like finding your niche, you mission and vision, how to position your business, how to pitch your services, your offer, how to use marketing funnels and opt-ins, how to convert customers, branding, your website, content and social media, finances, tools, processes, and sales.

We firmly believe that with the right guidance, everyone possesses the potential to discover their true passion, transform it into a source of income, and cultivate a fulfilling lifestyle

Bas Smeets, founder of The Passion Profile

Free information session

Curious to know more and see if becoming a certified Impact Coach is for you?

Join us at one of the free online information sessions below. The next certification round will mainly exist of participants from northern Europe.

Questions? Just send us an email:

Next Session: Tuesday 29 August 20:00 / 8PM CET

Imagine knowing exactly how to help a group of customers who really need it, who are willing to pay for that help, and who would even recommend you to others.

And what if you got all the tools you need, so you didn’t have to develop them yourself?