The Passion Profile Coaching Program

Discover who you really are, what you truly want, find the power to change, overcome any doubts, make powerful decisions, create a plan and start doing the work you love.

What is The Passion Profile?

The Passion Profile is the modern, unconventional Method for curious & driven professionals with career doubts to help them discover what really makes them happy and make conscious choices, so that they can start earning an income in a way that is completely in line with who they really are.

It is our vision to create a better world by enabling people to chose and realize their own future.

“All change starts with a decision”

SINCE 2010

Our Method has proven itself in 12 years with over 1000 clients. We created a modern, holistic but down-to-earth combination of psychology, career coaching and spirituality that finally gives you the answers you’ve been looking for.


We use a personal approach because everyone is unique and has their own challenges and desires. No large groups, but 1-on-1 guidance by a certified Impact Coach alongside independent work with the study material.


Switching jobs, changing careers, resigning from your current job, or starting your own business is not something you do lightly. We all have responsibilities and are often dependent on our income. The Passion Profile is focused on taking step-by-step action and creating a complete picture that is feasible and in which you have confidence before making any real decisions.


Knowledge and information are everywhere. Where we excel is in actually integrating the right knowledge that is important for you in your personal situation. This is how we create real life-changing transformations and concrete results.

‘What would your life look like if you knew exactly what your true calling, your Passion, was and could confidently turn it into work that gives you more energy, fulfillment, and freedom, without being guided by doubt, insecurity, or the fear of failure?’

A new Era

We live in an era where everything seems possible and where, unlike just a few years ago, we can earn our income in countless ways.

The values about work that we inherited from our parents and previous generations no longer seem to work for us.

“Work hard”, “work doesn’t have to be fun”, “save for later”.

These are ideas that originate from the industrial revolution and have also brought our society to where we are now.

However, they no longer work. The world is undergoing enormous change.

Research shows that in many countries, over 40% of the population is not satisfied with their job. More and more people burn out and don’t know how to change.

Especially those in their mid-thirties to fifties often find it challenging.

At that age, you have advanced in your career, but for many of us that career choice we made a long time ago wasn’t a very conscious decision.

Is this it?

You have got your responsibilities. A mortgage, perhaps a family, and you’re used to a certain lifestyle.

And when you start to notice the decrease of energy or fulfillment from your job or you’re missing the appreciation for your efforts, the questions eventually will arise:

“Is this it?”
“What else could I do?”
“And how? I can’t just switch to something else?”

The urge for change, for experiencing pleasure in your work and for finding meaning become increasingly important.

Sometimes the idea of starting your own business also comes into play. But what, how, and is it realistic?

You are definitely not alone. It’s a global challenge that people all over the planet are dealing with.

The Solution

The Passion Profile provides the solution because it goes much deeper than traditional career coaching and has a holistic approach.

Our belief is: The work you do should fully align with who you are.

As long as we are driven by the values and expectations of our environment, culture, and society instead of our own core, we will never feel like we truly belong.

Therefore, The Passion Profile is primarily a journey of self-discovery.

This journey begins with letting go of who you are not: your work history, education, learned behaviors, and beliefs about work and income.

If we do not do this, there is a danger that we will search for new opportunities based on our identification with our current work/role. We may achieve a result that sounds good and aligns with our resume, but does not fit who we truly are as a person.

The chances are high that in a new role, you will again feel that it’s not the right fit.

This process alone is often seen by participants as transformative, but also challenging.

passie profiel traject

Once we have an answer to the question ‘Who am I?’, it becomes much easier to move on to the next question: ‘What do I want?’. You will see that you quickly realize whether something does or doesn’t resonate.

The second reason why we always work from the inside out at The Passion Profile is that nowadays we can earn our income in countless ways.

The career assessments of the past and traditional career counseling are based on pigeonholing:

“This is our list of professions (boxes), let’s see which one suits you.”

That no longer works in a world with countless different boxes.

Furthermore, you as a person are naturally unique and cannot fit in a box.

With The Passion Profile, we won’t tell you what you should do, but we’ll help you find all the answers within and create your own unique profile.

This way you’ll feel confident that you are making the right choices and you can stop doubting because the answers originated completely from yourself. That will  give you much more confidence than when someone else tells you what’s good for you.

Ready to create your own Passion Profile?

We help people who want to grow and get the most out of life with their challenges related to work and income.

Who are you?

You are a professional with a growth mindset, enthusiastic and curious. You want to move forward, get more out of life, because you know there’s more inside of you.

Your ultimate dream is to enoy the work that perfectly aligns with who you truly are, with your unique talents, skills, motivations, and desired lifestyle.

A job or your own business that gives you energy and fulfillment, with which you make a valuable contribution and are rewarded for it.

Your core values align with ours: passion, freedom, growth, connection, honesty, and curiosity.

You know that earning money is a logical consequence of the contribution you make and the impact you have on others’ lives. It doesn’t come easy, and there is no quick fix. So, you are willing to put in the necessary effort.

Changing course and perhaps doing something entirely different is a path that leads to tremendous personal growth. You will learn a lot about yourself and look at the world and what’s possible in a whole new way.

This will benefit you not only in your work but also in all areas of your life.

The Passion Profile

The method consists of the following 6 steps that you will go through in a structured manner, resulting in your own Passion Profile, which you will receive after completing the program:

Step 1


First, we take stock of where you currently stand and how you got here. How did you become the person you are now? Why did you make certain choices, choose your current career, and what beliefs were those choices based on? You will get to know the person you have been up until now.

Step 2


What you do in your career should align with who you are as a person. Otherwise, you are playing a role and not being congruent. That costs energy. Who are you when you let go of the identification with your work history and education? Who are you without the conditioning from your upbringing, family, school, environment, and friends? This is where we get to the core of who you really are. Knowing who you are is a prerequisite for discovering which work is right for you.

Step 3


We don’t live to work, but rather work to create a beautiful life for ourselves and our loved ones. What does that ideal life look like? The human brain needs direction, a clear vision of how we would like to live our lives. Our ideal work fits within this life, not the other way around. Without a clear vision for our future, the brain finds no rest, it keeps pulling us in different directions.

Step 4


This is the heart of the program. Your passion, or as we call it, ‘your unique contribution’, to make the world a little bit better in your own way. Work is always about contributing. You help someone or an organization solve a problem or challenge or meet a need that exists. You are rewarded for that: your salary or the fee that your clients pay. As you get older, meaning usually becomes more important: the feeling of making a meaningful contribution and doing meaningful work. We will formulate a clear and concrete statement for your direction based on all the puzzle pieces we have investigated.

Step 5


An idea without a plan is nothing more than a wish or a dream. We will ensure that you not only discover what truly makes you happy, but also take concrete action steps towards it. We set a goal for the coming year and create a specific action plan. This can be within your current work environment or outside of it. We will also consider which role is a better fit for you: employee or entrepreneur. The plan is always realistic and takes your personal situation into account. We also look at the talents and skills you already have or may need to develop.

Step 6


What could still hold you back? Sometimes there are conscious or unconscious emotional or mental blockages that prevent us from taking action, even if we want to. In that case there are two options: continue to push through on willpower or address the underlying causes. We prefer the latter, and our qualified coaches will help you become aware of and resolve what is still in your way.

Discover what you truly want, find clarity, kill doubt and take action”

The Passion Profile PROGRAM

Within 3 months you will gain absolute clarity about who you really are, your unique talents and passion. You will overcome your doubts, step into your power, and create a solid implementation plan.

Ultimately, everyone wants to earn a good income from work that energizes them, provides a high level of satisfaction and in which they can be successful.

It all starts with clear answers to the questions: “Who am I?” and “What do I want?”

Once we know exactly what we want, believe in ourselves, and feel enthusiastic, we can create a strategy and plan to validate our new idea and then safely execute it.

The Passion Profile method has been proven since 2016 with a modern, 360-degree approach that unlocks everything that may have been hidden inside of you for a long time.

By working on the mental, emotional, and (to a small extent) spiritual levels, our clients not only discover their new direction but also take massive action.

Bas passieprofiel

“Be the person you truly want to be, so you can start doing what you really want to do.”

The sessions have helped me tremendously. I now have a much better understanding of what is important to me both personally and professionally, and I have gained confidence to take the next steps.


I was immediately impressed by the quality of the program. As a teacher, I am naturally critical, but it was just well put together. I discovered that I really need to start my own business.


This program is a fit for you if:


  1. You are ready to discover your real passion, unique talents and skills that give you a lot of energy and satisfaction.
  2. You want to grow tremendously as a person and are ready to feel powerful in all areas of your life.

    What we expect from you:


    Dare to step into your power and be open to a different, more modern approach. If you keep doing what you always did, you’ll get what you always had.


    Enjoy the process. We’re solving a big puzzle, and usually you won’t see the complete picture right away. Let go and be patient.


    Commit yourself. Do the work, trust the process, trust your coach, and don’t make excuses.



    • Discovery call with your personal Impact Coach to get to know each other and discuss your learning goals
    • Final evaluation session after completion to make sure that we have gotten everything out of it 


    • 6 One-on-one coaching sessions with an experienced and certified Impact Coach
    • Sessions take place online via video conferencing and are available worldwide
    • One session every 2 weeks


    • Access to the 6 modules in our digital learning environment with over 35 videos and assignments
    • A new module opens every 2 weeks
    • One year access to the learning environment.


    • At the end, your coach will provide you with your personal Passion Profile that includes the results of your program. It’s a beautiful document that will continue to guide you into the future

    “We believe that, with the right support, everyone has the ability to discover their true passion and turn it into an income and a beautiful lifestyle.”

    Bas Smeets, creator of The Passion Profile


    The investment for the standard Passion Profile program starts at 1497 USD/EUR excluding tax (depending on the country you’re in).

    Special rates are available for students and those under age 26.

    Each program starts with a free discovery call with a certified Impact Coach.

    Depending on your personal situation and the outcome of the discovery call the coach may expand and/or adjust The Passion Profile to your personal wishes and needs.

    You will always receive a clear quote before you commit.

    Get in touch and we’ll have a coach contact you to get started.

    What would your life look like if you knew exactly what your Passion, your Purpose really is and you would confidently turn it into work that provides you with more energy, fulfillment, and freedom, without being misled by doubt, insecurity or the fear of failure?

    Frequently asked questions

    Is this going to work for me? I've tried so many things to discover my passion already.

    We have worked extremely hard in recent years to learn from and systematize all the experiences we have had with hundreds of people in a similar situation as you. This program is not a superficial course, but a deep process of self-discovery, so that we can identify and resolve all the blockages that previously prevented you from moving forward. We have spent tens of thousands of euros on research and our own training to bring together the most effective methods in the field of self-development and career coaching. If you can make a commitment to yourself to go all-in, your coach will do the same, and this process will work for you.

    Can you guarantee results?

    We understand that you are looking for a sense of certainty that you are making the right choice. But please realize that there is no real certainty and that whenever you do something new, the outcome is unknown until you actually do it.

    We cannot predict the future and therefore we cannot guarantee the result, which would not be fair. Fairness and honesty are actually some of our core values.

    That being said, your coach is fully committed to helping you not only clarify your Passion, your unique contribution by the end of the program, but also to overcome your internal blockages, empower you and create a concrete plan for your next steps.

    Are there any prerequisites or requirements before starting?

    There are no strict requirements for your educational background or work experience to participate in The Passion Profile program. However, we do expect you to be able to self reflect and have a growth mindset. If in doubt, just book a free discovery call and a coach will help you make a decision. 

    Is this an online training or coaching?

    The Passion Profile is a 1-on-1 coaching program. The training material is made available digitally in a learning environment, and in addition, you work together with an Impact Coach who has been trained and certified by us.

    Because you work through the training material and the assignments yourself, you will be fully prepared for the 1-on-1 coaching calls. This way your coach will spend less time on explaining theory and you can work with them in a very targeted and efficient way.

    Where will the coaching sessions take place?

    The coaching sessions will generally take place online (Zoom or Skype). In case you live close to your coach, face to face sessions are also an option. 

    What's the time investment?

    On average, you can expect a study load of about 3 to 5 hours per week.

    I'm considering starting my own business, is this for me as well?

    Absolutely. Make Your Impact (the company behind The Passion Profile) has been using the method for years to help people find their passion and then turn it into an income as an entrepreneur.

    In the program, we also explore whether a role as an employee or an entrepreneur suits you best. Additionally, your coach can point you towards follow-up programs to help you turn your newly discovered passion into a validated business concept.

    How can I contact you if I have questions?

    Your questions are best answered in an discovery call with a coach. For general questions and business inquiries, you can email


    Book a free discovery call with a certified coach

    the passion profile